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Mashi Rahmani, M.B.A., Ph.D. 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mashi Rahmani is the CEO and founder of MMC, Inc, a leading HRO (Human Resources Outsourcing) firm.  MMC is a $200 million dollar company, serving over a thousand clients, both nationally and globally.

Mr. Rahmani has also been the driving force behind the Innovative Management ApproachTM (IMA) portfolio of services.  The IMATM model allows small and mid-sized companies partnering with MMC to compete in the marketplace with Fortune 500 Organizations, in order to attract quality talent.


Before developing MMC, Mr. Rahmani worked for nearly ten years as a Senior Program Administrator at NASA, negotiating contracts between the government and private sectors, on bringing in key individuals and resources.  Building on that experience, he was able to move forward with his own successful endeavor .  Mashi and his company, MMC, have been recognized on numerous occasions by the Los Angeles Business Journal as a “Top 15 Largest Employer” and “Top 20 Largest in Human Resources Services” in the seventh largest economy in the world.

Mashi earned his B.S. Degree in Air Transportation Management from the University of Houston/CL.  He then attended the UCLA Anderson School to receive his MDE, before earning his Global MBA at TRIUM (NYU Stern, London School of Economics and HEC-Paris).  He later earned his PhD from ISM (International School of Management).

Mr. Rahmani sits on the Board of Trustees of Claremont Graduate University, previously served on the Board of Visitors of the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management, and currently the UCLA Human Resources Roundtable.  For 25 years, he has also served on the Board of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’i Faith of Los Angeles.

An avid collector of fine art and antiques who also enjoys classical music, book reading, travel, and mountain hiking, Mr. Rahmani currently lives in Los Angeles with his family.

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Crystal Miller-O’Brien, J.D., C.D.R.

Labor & Employment Law Manager


Crystal Miller-O’Brien joined MMC, Inc. in 2006. Ms. O’Brien has extensive experience in managing work environment disputes. Before joining MMC, Ms. O’Brien was a litigation associate for large and midsize law firms. She also served as a workers’ compensation hearing representative for Argonaut and Wausau Insurance Companies. She is a member of the ADR panel for the Los Angeles County Superior Courts and is an executive member of the California State Bar Association’s Conference of Delegates which reviews proposed legislation impacting employees in California. Ms. O’Brien was also appointed to the California Law Revision Commission, a Senate approved position, by Governor Brown.


Damian Castrellon

Director of Client Relations


Damian Castrellon joined MMC, Inc. in 1992. Mr. Castrellon brings 25 years of experience in payroll, HRIS technologies, IT and customer service. He oversees a team of competent human resources, IT and payroll service professionals. Mr. Castrellon has been an advocate and a promoter of cutting edge technology and new concepts in payroll service organizations. He has been serving on the board for the American Payroll Association, Los Angeles Chapter since 1998. Prior to joining MMC, Mr. Castrellon served in a key leadership role for ADP and has had training from Anderson School of Management at UCLA.


David Kravetz

Payroll Administration Manager

David Kravetz has been with MMC since 2001. Mr. Kravetz has several years experience in managing technical processes and secure data collection of confidential information. Prior to joining MMC, he served as an Operations Manager with Landmark Securities.


Deborah Rodriguez, P.H.R.

Division Manager


Deborah Rodriguez has been with MMC since 2000. She and her team are responsible for assuring that MMC’s services are carefully tailored for client’s organizational needs. Ms. Rodriguez brings several years of sales, marketing and customer service experience. She was a key leader for AT&T’s business development division prior to joining MMC.

Michele O’Donnell, M.S. 

HR Services Manager


Michele O’Donnell joined the team in January 2007 and currently leads MMC’s elite team of HR Consultants. Ms. O’Donnell has been involved in the Human Resources industry for more than 14 years, bringing vast training and management experience to the MMC leadership ranks. Her experience spans the broad scope of labor law, regulatory compliance and HR Best Practices, drawn from her rich experience as Director of HR for several firms throughout her career. She currently works to ensure that MMC’s consultants forge long lasting relationships with our clients, fostered in exceptional service and unsurpassed HR expertise. Ms. O’Donnell earned her baccalaureate degree in Business Administration from Auburn University before receiving her Masters degree in Human Resource Management from Troy State University.


Nancy Barnes


Mrs. Nancy Barnes has spent most of her career specializing in healthcare and business development practices, with both large and small international and domestic corporations. Her decades of experience allow her to provide exceptionally personalized service to MMC’s corporate office as well as our clients.


Nariman Hadizad, M.S.

I.T. Manager


Mr. Hadizad joined MMC in 1996. He is a seasoned and talented Computer Engineer who holds a Masters in Science degree from the University of Southern California. Immediately after earning his graduate degree in 1989, Mr. Hadizad began gaining professional experience with mid and large size corporations, and eventually brought his extensive experience to the Human Resource Organization field by joining MMC, Inc.


Paul Rahmani

Logistics Manager

Paul Rahmani has been with MMC since 1994. Mr. Rahmani brings extensive domestic and international high-tech experience to MMC. Prior to joining MMC, he held key positions throughout the world as a flight engineer, technical instructor and leader for international airline and manufacturing corporations.


Shirley Tenorio, Life Agent 

Employee Benefits Compliance Manager


Shirley Tenorio joined MMC in 2003. Ms. Tenorio has extensive experience in negotiating and managing employee welfare benefit packages with major health care insurance carriers. Prior to joining MMC, Ms. Tenorio gained legal and business management experience as a key leader for mid-market business enterprises.

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