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HR professionals reference this comprehensive best seller to better understand California’s complex employment laws and regulations. Intuitively organized, its plain language style clears up common areas of confusion, such as exempt/nonexempt status and leaves of absence.

The 54th edition reflects recent court decisions and new laws, effective January 1, 2014. You’ll also find updates to guidance on health care reform, workers’ compensation and labor relations.


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As the only book of its kind serving California business, this up-to-date, comprehensive digest details California labor and employment law. It reflects new content for 2014 to make your job easier, with new laws highlighted to catch your eye. It provides instructions on how to apply existing laws and manage everyday HR issues, such as performing job evaluations, implementing a policy to prevent workplace violence, and handling accessibility inspections. It also explains federal employment laws, regulations and court cases. As always, California Labor Law Digest provides legal background information, including legislation, court cases and regulatory requirements in plain language—organized to make complex laws understandable. Plus, it provides access to more than 300 downloadable forms and checklists. California Labor Law Digest is available in book and software (CD or download for PC and Mac) formats. If you order the download-only version, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for downloading.


California Labor Law Digest: •Provides a comprehensive list and clear explanations of California and federal employment laws, regulations and court rulings that apply to your company •Lets you access all required forms (online downloads) •Helps determine which California labor laws apply to you based on number of employees •Gives you confidence to answer the challenging HR questions you face everyday •Spells out otherwise complicated legal concepts and requirements in plain language The software and download formats are both Windows and Mac compatible.

Covered Topics

•Posting and Notice Requirements •Hiring Employees •Hiring and Training •Employing Foreign Workers •Alternative Employment and Independent Contractors •Employing Minors •Personnel Records and Privacy •Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking in the Workplace •Wage and Hour Laws •Wages, Salaries and Other Compensation •Hours of Work and Recording Time Worked •Overtime •Alternative Workweek Scheduling •Exempt and Nonexempt •Vacations, Holidays and Paid Time Off •Providing Employee Benefits •Unemployment Insurance •State Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave •Health and Retirement Benefits •Family, Medical and Sick Leaves •Pregnancy Disability Leave •Miscellaneous Time Off •Ensuring Workplace Safety •Violence in the Workplace •Workers’ Compensation •Employment Discrimination •Sexual Harassment •Disabilities in the Workplace •Disciplining and Terminating At-Will Employees •Layoffs and Plant Closings •Union Relations in Private Employment


Available as a CD or download for Windows and Mac, California Labor Law Digest software contains a powerful search feature, index and table of contents, so you can find the information you need in seconds. The software’s slider bar feature makes it easy to magnify text. There are also more than 300 HR forms you can edit and then save into one convenient folder built right into the program.