HR Handbook for California Employers


Product Description

HR in California—it’s complicated. The rules are often confusing and always changing. So you don’t want to overlook anything and make a costly mistake.
From hiring employees to ending the employment relationship, HR Handbook for California Employers quickly explains state and federal employment laws. We’ve condensed the answers you need to know into this step-by-step guide, providing

  • Reliable information
  • Understandable terms
  • Actionable steps
  • Downloadable forms

It’s your how to for how not to get into compliance trouble. 300+ pages

Additional Information


HR Handbook for California Employers simplifies and explains California and federal employment laws in easily understood terms. The Q&A format guides you through the basics, like wage and hour requirements. It identifies if an employment law applies to your business. It also provides tips, flags key information and points out problem areas. Each year, the handbook highlights new laws, regulations and court decisions that affect California employers. At $49.99, it’s a hands-down favorite among MMC’s best-selling HR compliance products.


While any size company can benefit from the California-specific information in this guide, HR Handbook for California Employers is ideal for smaller businesses or anyone new to HR. Use it to: •Better understand California employment laws and what they require •Quickly grasp key HR areas, such as hiring, benefits, compensation, workplace safety and termination •Find what you need before responding to an HR issue •Learn essential actions to prevent fines or legal actions resulting from noncompliance •Download nearly 200 required and recommended HR forms and checklists •Access definitions, laws, acronyms and a listing of agencies and resources •Manage HR issues and develop solid HR practices •Hire and terminate with confidence •Create policies that promote productivity •Pay fairly and within the law •Keep discrimination and harassment out of the workplace